You are currently viewing 32 Inspirational Tom Ford Quotes On Success

32 Inspirational Tom Ford Quotes On Success

32 Inspirational Tom Ford Quotes On Success

“I think people who are compelled to achieve never really think they’ve achieved.” Tom Ford

“I probably do have an obsessive personality, but striving for perfection has served me well.” Tom Ford

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” Tom Ford

“I do struggle because I’m attracted to beautiful things, yet at the same time I am actually very aware, in some sense, of their lack of value and that the most important things in life are your connections to other people.” Tom Ford

“When I was a kid, I really thought that the key to happiness was living a very artificial life in a penthouse in New York.” Tom Ford

“Time and silence are the most luxurious things today.” Tom Ford

“I love to work. If I’m awake I’m working. But working isn’t working for me, working for me is the way I am, it’s just fun.” Tom Ford

“What works with your skin and eyes? Use that to zero in on your wardrobe.” Tom Ford

“I’m a perfectionist to the point of insanity.” Tom Ford

Perfectionism is almost an illness with me, but sometimes I have moments where everything is absolutely clear and you can feel, rather than think.” Tom Ford

“My goal is to help women become the best version of themselves.” Tom Ford

“Good manners is what transforms a man into a gentleman.” Tom Ford

“From the time we’re born until we die, we’re kept busy with artificial stuff that isn’t important.” Tom Ford

“Do something first, then talk about it.” Tom Ford

“Material possessions don’t mean much to me. They’re beautiful and I enjoy them, but ultimately they’re not important.” Tom Ford

“Glamour is something more than what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you carry yourself and the impact you have on others.” Tom Ford

I’m a believer in fate and in fulfilling your destiny. I’ve always had a kind of an inner voice that I have learned to listen to.” Tom Ford

“I hate going out for lunch during a workday because it slows down my pace and ruins my rhythm.” Tom Ford

“It’s not about what your friends or partner thinks, it’s about what you feel.” Tom Ford

“I like to just have fun and be silly and say pretty much whatever comes into my mind, do pretty much whatever I want.” Tom Ford

“I love doing different things.” Tom Ford

“I thrive on failure.” Tom Ford

“They don’t want ordinary, and in fact, ordinarily doesn’t sell for me.” Tom Ford

“Every day is one less day.” Tom Ford

“Fashion creates a bit of a dream.” Tom Ford

“I’m actually a very, extremely, almost pathologically shy person, which no one believes today because I have mastered a work/public facade that takes an enormous amount of energy to project.” Tom Ford

“If my parents had discouraged me, I would have turned out very differently. They raised me in an open-minded, liberal environment.” Tom Ford

“I’m just not intimidated by anyone.” Tom Ford

“When you find somebody good, keep them in your life.” Tom Ford

“I am a shy and introspective person.” Tom Ford

“I strive to create products with authenticity, quality, and substance.” Tom Ford

“You have to love what you do, to the point that you cannot imagine doing anything else with your life. You have to sleep, breathe,e and live this. Otherwise, you really need to get out, now. And that’s not a joke.” Tom Ford

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