You are currently viewing 65 Inspirational Robert Kiyosaki Quotes On Success

65 Inspirational Robert Kiyosaki Quotes On Success

65 Inspirational Robert Kiyosaki Quotes On Success

“If you’ve failed, that means you’re doing something. If you’re doing something, you have a chance.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; The size of your dream; And how you handle disappointment along the way.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Successful people don’t fear failure. But understand that it’s necessary to learn and grow from.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Losers are people who are afraid of losing.” Robert Kiyosaki

“It’s more important to grow your income than cut your expenses. It is more important to grow your spirit than cut your dreams.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Afraid of change? Then fail.” Robert Kiyosaki”

Money is not the goal. Money has no value. The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve.” Robert Kiyosaki

“When you are young, work to learn, not to earn.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The most successful people in life are the ones who ask questions. They’re always learning. They’re always growing. They’re always pushing.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Remember, your mind is your greatest asset, so be careful what you put into it.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Broke is temporary, poor is eternal.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Your mentors in life are important, so choose them wisely.” Robert Kiyosaki

“If you want to be rich, think big, think differently.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Most people never get wealthy simply because they are not trained to recognize opportunities right in front of them.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The primary difference between rich people and poor people is how they handle fear.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Knowing you need to make a change isn’t enough. You’ve got to find the guts to do it.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Money will never make you happy if you are an unhappy person.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Failure defeats losers, failure inspires winners.” Robert Kiyosaki

“I’d rather welcome change than cling to the past.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Don’t let the fear of losing, be greater than the excitement of winning.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Losers quit when they fail, winners fail until they succeed.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Successful people take big risks knowing that they might fall hard, but they might succeed more than they ever dreamed too.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Every time you think you can’t do something, someone else thinks they can.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The difference between the rich and the poor is how they use their time.” Robert Kiyosaki

“How can I afford this? Change your words; change your life.” Robert Kiyosaki

“I keep hearing ‘I’d rather be happy than being rich.’ Why not be both.” Robert Kiyosaki

“When you know you’re right, you’re not afraid of fighting back.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Don’t waste a good mistake, learn from it.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Inside of every problem lies an opportunity.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Money only magnifies who you really are.” Robert Kiyosaki

“When you create wealth, it’s your responsibility to return it to society.” Robert Kiyosaki

“One of the primary reasons why people struggle financially is because they cannot control their emotion of fear.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The thing I always say to people is this: If you avoid failure, you also avoid success.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Winners are not afraid of losing. Failure is part of the process of success.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.” Robert Kiyosaki

“One of the reasons many people are not rich is because they are greedy.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Every successful person in life began by pursuing a passion, usually against all odds.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Passion is the beginning of success.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The problem with this world is not enough problem solvers. So, if you become a problem solver, you become rich.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The poor, the unsuccessful, the unhappy, the unhealthy are the ones who use the word tomorrow the most.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Fail harder. You cannot be successful without failure.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The world is full of smart poor people.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Today is the word for winners and tomorrow is the word for losers.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Complaining about your current position in life is worthless. Have a spine and do something about it instead.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The key to life is to be happy with or without money. Robert Kiyosaki

“The philosophy of the rich and poor is this: The rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Dreamers dream dreams and rich people create plans and build bridges to their dreams.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Rich people buy luxuries last, while the poor and middle class tend to buy luxuries first.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Face your fears and doubts, and new worlds will open to you.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Confidence comes from discipline and training.” Robert Kiyosaki

“The sidelines are crowded. Get in the game.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Find out where you’re at, where you’re going, and make a plan to get there.” Robert Kiyosaki

“If you’re going to be a winner in life, you have to constantly go beyond your best.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Do today what you want for your tomorrow.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Don’t work for money; make it work for you.” Robert Kiyosaki

“If you want to be rich, be friends with people who have the same mindset as you, or who at least won’t try to change your mindset to be more like theirs. Life is too short to spend time with people who don’t help you move forward.” Robert Kiyosaki

“A mistake is a signal that it is time to learn something new, something you didn’t know before.” Robert Kiyosaki

“When times are bad is when the real entrepreneurs emerge.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Nice guys do not finish last. The last place is for cowards and those too full of fear to take action.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Watch what the idiots are doing, and do the opposite.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Listen to the advice from the one who’s already achieved your goal.” Robert Kiyosaki

“If you want to be rich, don’t allow yourself the luxury of excuses.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Before you can transform your wallet from poor to rich, you’ve got to transform your spirit from poor to rich.” Robert Kiyosaki

“Change your focus from making money, to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in.” Robert Kiyosaki

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