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An Exciting Role Playing Game

An Exciting Role Playing Game

Island War is an interesting take on mobile RTS gaming. It takes the gameplay of the classic strategy games and mixes in elements that are more streamlined. However, I felt that it didn’t live up to the standards of other similar games. Is it a bad game? Well, let’s talk about that in this Island War Island review. I’ll tell you whether or not Island War is worth your time and money.

Starting off with this Island War review, I was taken aback by how familiar the game mechanics are. While the game is very similar to Clash of Clans, certain aspects are just different. Once you reach the island you land on navy vessels and your first troops are then dispersed. You have to find a way to fight off waves of marauding troops while protecting your city from the attacks of the Natives.

Unlike in Clash of Clans, your island is completely unplayable until you get to the city hall. This is because there is only one city hall that is available on your island and it can be reached by multiple waves of troops. You can also send your troops to another island by using an aircraft. It really gives island war a very solid feel. I also liked the controls because they work in conjunction with your keyboard arrow keys and you can target your troops by using the keyboard arrow keys. There are also various aiming points to target your troops at.

The island war game mechanics revolve around earning coins, gems, and razing trees. Gems are earned through destroying trees while razing buildings and your troop count also grows while you level up. The coins are used for purchasing buildings and units and are earned through doing a variety of different things including capturing cities, winning battles, and collecting rare gems. In this game, the gems can be spent on units and on buying and restoring structures. The strategy revolves around using trees to block off some of the entrances to your cities, which will allow you to build more troops and attack with greater force.

One of the best aspects of this strategy game is the soundtrack. It adds a level of immersion to the experience. The music adds to the narrative and makes the game come alive. It is important to note though that this does change depending on how you play the game. Different strategies will use different music and sound effects.

Some of the challenges in Island War include the “capture the city” mission which involves defending your city hall against waves of enemy troops while you gather more gems and coins to buy more troops and buildings. Once you have captured the city hall the objective changes to “defend the city” and you must do everything to defend the city hall against waves of units and enemy troops. There are also many missions that will require you to build up the island by gathering specific resources. These include gold, eggs, trees, and coins.

Each of these missions takes time to accomplish. As the levels pass you will see the success or failure of the mission to unlock new tactics and skills for your island war game. There is no inventory item in Island War so you will have to rely on your skills, the gems and coins that you collect, and the weapons and armors that your troops have. The combat system is turn-based so you will have to carefully evaluate the battlefield situations and plan your next move as this determines the outcome of your mission. The island war game is a lot of fun and challenging for anyone who enjoys strategic games with tons of elements of interaction and simulation.

For those who haven’t played this type of strategy game before Island War is definitely one to check out. It offers challenging and engrossing gameplay that is easy to pick up but just as enjoyable for those who know their way around turn-based strategy games. By winning more troops and earning more coins and gems you will be able to develop your island war strategy until you achieve true dominance.

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