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An Unconventional Party Game

An Unconventional Party Game

Among Us is a multiplayer browser game in which 10 players are dropped into space, alien warehouse, or planet base, each with their own personal objective of either destroying the other team or protecting themselves. This is a browser-based social deduction game, which means that each player is either an imposter and/or a crewmate. There are different versions of Among Us, but one of them revolves around a plot revolving around a secret society called “The Guild”, which exists beyond any known laws. The game has several different modes, including Endless mode (which is played until the game’s developers decide it is worthy to add more) and Story mode, which present a different plot every time you play.

There is also a version of Among Us for the Apple iPhone and Android platforms. As mentioned earlier, it is part of a bigger internet phenomenon called “Webroots”. The game was initially created by four guys in Canada – Ryan Watson, Kyle from California, David from Toronto, and Mike from Vancouver. Their mission was to create a highly addictive multiplayer browser game that reached critical acclaim, making them some very wealthy guys.

In the game, players are usually divided into teams, or “crews”. Each crew is made up of members who do not have the same name, thus creating an alternate world in which everyone is different. Players can choose to be either an impostor, who wants to impersonate someone else on the team or a real person who wants to blend in with his team. The only way for players to communicate with each other is through writing in-game emails to each other or chatting. There is no one on all of the teams except for the impostors, which makes the game all the more interesting.

Currently, the game has been downloaded over 25 million times and has won several Editor’s Choice Awards. This achievement speaks well for the popularity of the game and its top-notch quality design. Another reason behind the success of Among Us is its integration with popular social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Yelp. These great platforms allow players to interact with their loved ones and friends. They can tweet, post, update their status and chat with their friends.

One of the interesting challenges that Among Us offers is the use of social networks to accomplish various tasks. Players can socialize with their crewmates to finish tasks or jobs. The twist is that the people they are playing with do not know that they are actually playing a game, but rather are temporarily placed in another environment. They can talk to their crewmates, take part in conversations, request tasks, and even purchase goods for sale.

Although some may see this as just a gimmick, the social element In Among Us actually works quite well. People interact with one another in such a way that they feel as though they really are in a “real” job or a game. Players are able to chat with their crewmates and solve the mysteries of the island. By doing so, they gain experience points, which earns them the ability to level up their crew members.

Another great thing about this game is that it encourages players to be creative and take up challenges. Although the storyline may be similar to that of real life, the mechanics of the game means players are never faced with repeating tasks. Each time they play, they are given a new set of challenges. As they complete each challenge, they become more powerful and can tackle bigger and more difficult assignments.

Although it may seem like an unnecessary twist, the game is actually a very fun one. It can be played by all ages and has very few rules. With the use of Facebook and other social networking sites, playing Among Us is becoming more popular.

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