You are currently viewing Enjoy the Classic Fall Crate Game With Hills of Steel 2

Enjoy the Classic Fall Crate Game With Hills of Steel 2

Enjoy the Classic Fall Crate Game With Hills of Steel 2

Hills of Steel is an online modification for the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It was created by the award-winning studio, Red Winter Software where the popular mod, maps, accessories, and tools were developed. This particular version of the mod has been designed in-house by the studio itself, which promises to give every player an exciting and addictive online experience.

Hills of Steel is one of the most downloaded mod packs for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Downloading the mod is very easy, and does not require any type of payment to be done. Once downloaded, you are allowed to use it immediately. If you find out that there are some technical problems with the mod, you can easily obtain a patch that will provide you with assistance.

Hills of Steel is a simple, but addictive, action game with a lot of possibilities. You may choose to play as any character, from the soldier who just hides behind a tank, to the hardcore tank pusher who charges into battle. The mod pack features endless access to new and exciting maps. The actual game itself includes a large number of options for customizing and personalizing your own game experience and provides various game statistics.

The base game mode of Hills of Steel allows you to fight against the bots, and the players playing as the military. Bots are relentless, and they will try their best to destroy your tanks. As the military team plays against the bots, they are trying to protect their bases from being attacked by the enemy. In the ground game modes, you are given two options: Battle Gear and Plundrigg. The Plundering is a stationary defense platform, while the Gear is a mobile attacking platform.

Both are excellent game modes to choose from, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The base game modes are suitable for beginners. This is because it’s less complicated and more visual than the Tank Battle mode. Here, you have a limited number of rounds to complete each level. This will help you build up your endurance and strategy skills so that you don’t get killed too quickly by the other side.

The second game mode in Hills of Steel 2 is Tanks vs Super Tanks. Again, this mode is suitable for people who want to learn how to play tanks. In this game, you must build up your reputation and fame by winning battles. You can also purchase new weapons and special abilities for your tanks so that you can dominate all other players. However, you are only allowed to use a few special abilities, which makes the overall game much harder and more difficult.

The third one is the Attack on Fortitude, in which you defend the city from the attack of the other team using only light units and the support of Tanks. In this game mode, you must protect the city from the attacks of the enemy. You are allowed to use a few offense and defense special abilities to help you achieve this objective. As you progress through the game modes, you earn experience points and the opportunity to purchase new tanks and additional buildings. The tanks have higher health and lower durability, so you must use your time wisely if you want to be successful.

In the fourth game mode, titled Hills of Steel Assault, you have to defend the city from the attack of the enemy using only light units. Again, you only have a limited number of rounds to complete each level, so it’s very important to get as many kills as possible. You are also able to purchase new tanks and buildings, but they are quite expensive. If you survive long enough, you can win the game!

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