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Marvel: Future Fight Characters

Marvel: Future Fight Characters

Marvel: Future Fight pits our favorite Marvel superheroes against each other in an epic battle to save the world. Who is the strongest character in Marvel Future Fight? Which one of the Avengers, Cyclops, Iron Man, Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk, etc., has the most powers? Who has the highest level of durability? How about the smartest?

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on the Marvel Future Fight tiers. The tiers are divided up based on how much power each character in the game possesses when you reach level 70. If you are just starting the game, you start off with baseline character powers and may only have a handful of abilities or buffs (depending on what character class you chose). Once you reach level 70, you can choose to either continue playing at tier-2 status (which is where your character gains additional powers and abilities) or you can move up to tier-3 status. Each character in the Marvel Future Fight game starts at a certain tier, so you need to decide which character you’d like to play as if you were in the actual Marvel comics.

So let’s start with Cap! Cap starts at tier 3 and can be played by any character who hasn’t yet reached level 70. He starts with a shield, no weapons, and all of the standard combat skills and attributes.

Thanos is the second hardest character to level up in Marvel: Future Fight. Thanos begins with two handed mace that deals massive damage. The skill Plasma Shield reduces the damage of incoming projectiles. Thanos can activate Plasma Shield by rapidly tapping the weapon. In addition to the two handed mace, Thanos also has a large trident that deals massive damage and a powerful wing. All of these items are only available if Thanos is the selected character from the Marvel: Future Fight roster.

Spider-Man is the third hardest character to level up in the game. Spider-Man starts with a Web shooter that deals large amounts of damage. The skill Autopsy reduces the amount of time needed to revive a fallen character. Spidey’s Web Shot can target air units, which will cause massive damage to grounded opponents. Every character in Marvel: Future Fight has an assortment of special moves and abilities, but these are only available if the player has already unlocked their respective character in the Marvel Universe.

The last character in the Marvel Future Fight roster to receive a cinematic treatment is Doctor Strange. The story of Doctor Strange revolves around the adventures of the master practitioner, Doctor Strange, as he solves puzzles and tries to stop villains from taking over the world. Like many of the other Marvel heroes, Doctor Strange has several distinct forms. He can take on the form of an average human being, a powerful being like Green Lantern, or even an archangel. Some of Doctor Strange’s most powerful moves include his high-speed transportation, the Mindless Monkey, and the Displace ability, which hampers the enemy’s efforts to control him.

The fourth character to receive a movie treatment in the Marvel: Future Fight game is Black Order. In the comic books, the planet of the Black Order was destroyed by the villain Doctor Doom. In the video game, Doctor Doom sends a black ship to attack the Avengers Tower. A lone hero named Vision attempts to stop the ship, only to be killed along the way. The team later discovers the mysterious black Order and Doctor Strange tries to stop the superheroes from destroying each other, while they search for a way to destroy the Order and restore peace to the world.

These are only a few of the major players in Marvel: Future Fight. Each has their own set of unique moves, powers, weapons, costumes, and abilities. Because of the variety of characters within the game, players are given the chance to create a very diverse roster of Marvel Heroes. Players also have the chance to use each of these heroes in the video games and the online modes. This gives players the chance to see how these characters would fit within the Marvel Multiverse and provides a unique gaming experience.

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