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Mass Effect 2 – Best Game Ever

Mass Effect 2 – Best Game Ever

“Mass Effect 2”? This is a question I get asked often by those who are new to the franchise. Having previously played the first game, I can tell you that this is not a game for those looking for mindless shooting or senseless killing. In fact, the developers at Bioware have put a lot of effort and thought into this second game, as if answering one’s call to action. But, what is it about Mass Effect 2 that makes it the best game ever?

The first game was more of a ground breaking effort at creating an interactive fiction, featuring the character of Shepard, a young human girl from the future. This is the game in which you play as this girl, and the choice you make is very clear; you have to save the Earth and put an end to the impending destruction. As you travel through the galaxy, fighting against the Reapers and other such villains, you witness the tragic consequences of unchecked violence. Your choices result in either the saving of the galaxy, or the destruction of it.

This is a huge leap forward in video gaming, as such games often allow players to affect the fates of the characters they play. However, the first games were open ended, meaning that you could do almost anything you wanted. With Mass Effect 2 you must choose your actions, and often this means choosing to side with one or the other of the major characters. In some cases this decision will be difficult, as your decisions will have profound consequences on the game’s outcome. However, it’s the engrossing gameplay and fast pace that make these games so memorable.

When comparing the first game with its sequel, there are many differences you will notice right away. For starters, the visuals have been vastly improved, creating an experience that rivals the opening of Star Wars. This leads to a more realistic world with lots more detail, and a world that feels real to play. It’s clear that Bioware took many visual ideas from their beloved science fiction books and movies, and brought them into the game in order to create an experience that rivals the best films of this decade. The attention to detail is obvious, and this is evident throughout each area of the game, from character facial features to weapon functions.

BioWare clearly put a lot of effort into the development of Mass Effect 2, and it’s obvious that they put a lot of time and money into improving upon the first game. By creating such a detailed and believable universe, they have opened up a new fan base for the sci-fi adventure. Many people cite the first game as a turning point in their lifelong love of gaming, and many are now avid fans of this series. For this reason, it’s easy to see why this game is the best game to date.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the graphics that make Mass Effect 2 the best game ever. This game features some incredible gameplay, and its advanced artificial intelligence gives players a truly deep and challenging game. One of the greatest things about this game is the story, which is based on the popular novel, ‘New Earth’. This novel is considered by many to be one of the key works of science fiction, and anyone who has read it, will easily relate to the setting and the storyline.

BioWare has proven that they can build an incredibly believable and memorable universe with Mass Effect, and this game is the proof. The single player aspect of the games allows you to explore and experience the world in the same way as the original trilogy. While there are countless side missions and optional missions available, the single player campaign allows you to choose your own path and play the game the way you like. By unlocking more advanced technology and gaining upgrades throughout your journey, you will see your character grow, and the depth of the storyline will never be the same.

Other than the single player campaign, the best part of this game is the multiplayer mode, which is incredibly fun and features a host of players around the world. You can choose to play either with random people online, or with your friends. There are several different classes available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. This game is just great, and we can only hope that the developer continues with updates and new content. With so much content being added to the game on a regular basis, we can only expect good things for this amazing game.

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