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Resident Evil Extinction – An Honest Review

Resident Evil Extinction – An Honest Review

There are a lot of Resident Evil fans around the world that want to get their hands on the new “Resident Evil” game called “Resident Evil Extinction” (R.I.E. Extinction). However, there are also a number of people out there who are not as excited about this game as some of the fans are. And many are wondering is Resident Evil Extinction (R.I.E. Extinction) worth it?

This game is one of the most interesting entries in the resident evil franchise. From the name itself, you can instantly understand what this game is all about. You play as one of the characters from the main hit movie “Resident Evil” as you traverse the beautiful grounds in search of the mysterious’Resident Evil characters’. From the grounds you find them, you must fight the infected creatures and use objects against the evil creatures as you save the villagers and find out why there is an outbreak of zombies in the area.

So let’s jump right into the meat of this review – Is “Resident Evil Extinction” worth it? Well, from the trailers and videos available online, the game seems to be a mixture of both the survival horror genre and the survival horror video games. And while I do think the combination works quite well, the horror element of the game is a bit lacking compared to other entries of the franchise.

The audio design and visuals of the games in the Resident Evil franchise have always been great, but I feel that the quality of the audio in “Resident Evil Extinction” is on a different level than the rest of the games in the franchise. I don’t say it’s the worse one, but the sounds are just not as strong as they should be. For example, the sound of an approaching footsteps should be much louder compared to the other sounds I’ve heard in previous Resident Evil games. It makes the whole game feel really eerie, and I can only imagine the amount of frustration a lot of fans of the series will feel at not being able to properly enjoy the content due to the poor audio. In short, I feel that the audio design is just okay for an introductory level in the film, but something is drastically off when you move into the survival horror part of the franchise.

Now let’s talk about the combat. You’ll notice the same thing happening with the combat system in Resident Evil Extinction. Most enemies are just gunning down your buddies from the sky. They have a variety of moves, but the combat feels like it’s hit and miss at best. I also find it hard to control the character as I often get confused on which buttons are the controls for which actions.

With all that said, I feel that the actual content of the game is what made me enjoy it so thoroughly. Throughout the course of the game, I discover more about the protagonist, Alice, and her surroundings. Although I don’t wish to give too much away, I will say that the storyline is rather complex, and just when you think things couldn’t get any better, it does! I personally loved the story, and it kept me interested throughout the ten hours or so it took to complete the game. I also had the opportunity to go through the different areas and environments that were featured in the game, and I was rewarded with a wealth of content.

Speaking of content, there’s a ton of it in Resident Evil Extinction. From the exciting action sequences, to the horror elements and hidden objects, to even the mini-games, it’s completely worth your time investing in this series. The main storyline, as I mentioned above, is rather complex, and only truly worthwhile if you get to explore the various areas and environments available within the game. If you’re interested in a bit of adventure, or in experiencing the open-ended structure of the original Resident Evil, then definitely pick up this fantastic survival horror hybrid.

If you’re looking for a break from the usual survival horror fare, and want to try something fresh, then definitely make sure to pick up Resident Evil Extinction. It doesn’t stray far from the formula that’s helped make the Resident Evil franchise so popular, and it provides a lot of content that will keep you happily playing throughout its entirety. What more could you want from a game that’s been adapted into a feature-length feature film?

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