You are currently viewing Roblox – A Banned Game Platform With a New Twist

Roblox – A Banned Game Platform With a New Twist

Roblox – A Banned Game Platform With a New Twist

Roblox, a board game that has been introduced to the market by its creators in 2021, has become an instant hit and a craze among many gamers all over the world. This is why it has been banned in certain countries as well. However, is Roblox Banned in UAE? Is Roblox banned permanently in Uae 2100?

Is Roblox Banned in UAE? Will players be able to play Roblox on the Web without any limitations, or were there still any restrictions imposed before? The latest news hits players’ minds again with different questions. But don’t worry because below you’ll find the answers to all these questions. So, just sit back and read on…

As previously mentioned, Roblox was banned in some countries including the UAE due for several reasons. Among those that were cited are concerns on the use of counterfeit Roblox game money, including robot virtual currency, being used for online gambling, and using Roblox in transactions to fund terrorists or criminal elements overseas. There are also concerns about Roblox’s marketing strategy in terms of its promotion in China, the Middle East, and other countries where it doesn’t have a big market share yet.

The UAE issued a circular which prohibits all citizens from using or conducting business or transactions involving the use of counterfeit currencies, including robots. According to the circular, any citizen found to be in contravention of the law will be punished with imprisonment of up to three years and a penalty of AED 5500. Another law that pertains to Roblox includes displaying or advertising Roblox merchandise, including Roblox toys and accessories, in a public place, which could either be publicly owned, open to the public, or used for commercial purposes. Displaying the trademarked Roblox logo, including robot stickers, is prohibited as well.

As mentioned earlier, the UAE banned online gambling by issuing a law that prohibits anyone from running or operating any gambling establishment that uses or provides any gambling services. It is interesting to note that the gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the Middle East. Roblox is not just a gaming company but also develops products such as a board game called H PLUS Ripper. This board game can be used to simulate real-life robbing scenarios, which is probably why it was banned in the UAE.

However, despite the UAE’s attempts to curtail the gaming industry in the country, there are still several gaming websites in the UAE. A few of these include Big Fish, which was previously banned in Egypt, and Playtech which is based in Abu Dhabi. All of these websites use Roblox as their main platform, and thus it has become quite difficult for users of Roblox to get their hands on one of the popular game consoles, such as the Xbox. This is where some citizens of the UAE have resorted to hacking into the websites belonging to these gaming giants and illegally sell them Roblox.

One of the ways that some UAE citizens have hacked into the websites of these gaming giants is by using sophisticated software known as “robotic spyware”. Using this kind of hacking software, they have been able to bypass all of the layers of security that are placed on top of the Roblox platform. Basically, all of the safety measures that are built into the Roblox platform were breached by these individuals, who were then able to gain access to the internal networks of these gaming websites and sold various counterfeit Roblox accessories and games onto the customers of these websites. This has been deemed to be one of the largest cases of online piracy in the world.

In response to the popularity of these pirates, several international companies have been working hard to create new, safe versions of Roblox. These new ones, though, do not sport the features that were once found on Roblox, such as the microphone and its remote. Instead, they employ a new form of gaming technology known as the “virtual keyboard”. Because this feature does not require the use of an actual keyboard on the platform, it was able to avoid the many issues regarding its illegal downloading and reselling from countries that are known for hosting pirate websites. The virtual keyboard was also clever enough to incorporate the “parental controls” that are built into Roblox, meaning that it will not be available to any individual who uses Roblox without the consent of their parents.

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