You are currently viewing Temple Run 2 Review – A Review of Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 Review – A Review of Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 Review – A Review of Temple Run 2

Like the first, Temple Run 2 is a Temple Run type of endless runner game where you as an adventurer, evade an ancient temple after getting artifacts. In addition to a brand new location and another enemy, Temple Run 2 brings in some unique obstacles that require you to really pay attention to succeed. If you like the first game then you’ll love Temple Run 2. It’s a lot of fun and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that it feels like the game has aged well.

Your objective in Temple Run 2 is still to escape from the temple as fast as you can so that you can get back to the main room and continue the game. In the main room you will find several obstacles such as spikes and large statues which slow you down so you’ll have to use your quick wits to pass through them. The further you progress into the temple, the more difficult the enemies become so you’ll have to make sure you have the right weapon, the right items and of course the right abilities at all times to be able to get by. Temple Run 2 has many secrets as well, like the ability to double jump or run up waterfalls but you’ll have to search for them inside the in-game app store.

Each level has several objectives, and most are designed to either make you collect money or give you an item that helps you complete one of the objectives. For example, in the beginning of the game you can purchase a shovel that will help you clear obstacles. As you proceed through the levels, you’ll discover more shovels that you can buy to help you complete the objectives. If you spend some time collecting gems along the way, you’ll gain enough power-ups to buy these items. You might notice that when you visit one of the temples that there are Power-Ups available as well. Some of these are helpful in completing various puzzles but others just add to the fun of collecting gems along the way.

These Power-Ups serve two purposes in Temple Run 2. The first is that it creates an obstacle that you must overcome in order to move forward, such as a spike or a wall. The second is that it creates a short circuit that slows you down, so you have to use the appropriate power-up to pass through it. These include the Double Jump, the Coin Collecting, the Coin Drops, the Magnet, and the Item Lending.

The Double Jump allows you to double jump when you press the space bar. This allows you to move faster so you reach the goal much quicker. Coin Collecting allows you to collect coins while you are playing. The Coin Drops will cause a small coin pile to appear where ever you land so you can collect them and the Magnet will make the scarlet foxes in front of you move quickly. To unlock the third power, the item referred to as the Master Powerup, you must collect all seven coins during one game play period.

The creators of Temple Run 2, Lain Verbotto, Dan Carson, and Kimberlyarez, understand the challenges associated with a game where you are required to move as quickly as possible through each level. They have taken this challenge upon themselves and made improvements based upon their own experience with the original version of the game. Other improvements include an improved interface, better controls, and the inclusion of some neat power-ups that help your progress through the game. These additions do make the game a bit easier, though not as much as the sequel’s predecessors.

The graphics and sound are both top notch. You can virtually feel the sweat dripping off your brow as you collect gems and other items to upgrade your wardrobe. Although the music is optional, it really comes in handy at times. When you enter a room, you can hear the temple run theme music that accompanied the original game. Of course, this is not the only track available, so you are free to change your music selections whenever you desire.

If you’re looking for a challenging yet alluring puzzle game, playing Temple Run 2 might be just what you’re looking for. Not only does the sequel offer more levels than the original game, it also has a much higher score cap. The high score unlock function will make this game seem like it is even more difficult than the first game, which may be why it has become such a popular game. It also has one of the best soundtracks of any puzzle game, which makes the overall experience all the better.

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