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The Best Squad For Every Mission in Mass Effect 2

The Best Squad For Every Mission in Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect is a very fun and exciting video game that many people enjoy playing. There are many different types of Mass Effect games to play. Some people prefer the single player story line in which you take command of one of the characters and find out that the Earth has been devastated by an evil group of beings known as the Reapers. You then have to find a way to defeat them and return the peace to Earth. There are three different classes you can choose when starting your game and these are the Tech, healer and the soldier.

I was lucky enough to play this game when it first came out. I had a few friends that played it at the time and we would talk about how bad the game was and if we liked it. That’s when I discovered all of the great reviews that people were leaving on different websites. I realized that I needed to get a copy of the game for myself and play it to know what people were saying about it.

Mass Effect 2 is a very huge game. It takes you from the ground floor to the next and introduces new characters all the way. You start with Joker who is basically an evil villain looking to make himself into the most powerful person on the planet and become the leader of a nasty group of soldiers called the Joker Squads. The other members of the team are your teammates who you have to help save Earth.

As you play the game you will learn how to level up, buy upgrades for your weapons and find various items. The game is quite addictive because you always have a reason to replay levels or continue to fight the more difficult missions. Plus, there are several side quests to do in the game as well. These quests are typically very rewarding when done well and are always worth the money they cost.

If you enjoyed the first game, then you’re in for another treat with Mass Effect 2. You get to do even more ridiculous things like taking a ride on the Batmobile, racing through space in a jet, shooting aliens in the face and much more. The missions are so exciting that you will want to replay them time again, which is why it is important to find the best squad for any mission.

The two classes you can choose are the Human and the Mako. I wouldn’t say that these two are the best two to play, but they are the two I like the most. Each class has a special move that will benefit you during a battle. For example, the human can heal quickly, so using the downtime to apply a bandage or apply another bandage while everyone else is busy repairing a critical hit can help you win an easy fight.

When playing as the Mako, you get the ability to go into stealth mode, which allows you to get behind the enemy and sneak attacks without being seen. The cool thing is when you are in stealth mode, you can perform combo attacks without having to worry about dealing damage to anybody. This makes the character much better at doing unexpected damage, which is good if you like doing unexpected things in video games. The two classes in Mass Effect 2 are very balanced; you don’t have to choose one over the other.

Overall, this is a great game that is fun for everybody, whether you like action or adventure. Playing a Mako is like going on an adventure with your friends. Even though you’re not as powerful as other characters, you’ll find yourself still having lots of fun. If you’re tired of the first game, try the second one. It is definitely a game you will enjoy playing.

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